Julie Creton S.I. Sainte-Anne

Julie Creton

117 142 Sainte Anne Brest

“Thanks to the OIB, I now have the level to be admitted in khâgne anglais without any trouble, as I am one of the best students in my class (at least in English!). Generally speaking, it taught me to be rigorous, curious ; and I have broader knowledge in literature and in general culture. But what I will always remember from this experience is the wonderful relationships I created with my fellow students and my teachers.”

Corentin Le Roux - S.I. Sainte-Anne

Corentin le Roux

85 107 Sainte Anne Brest

” What the OIB brought me : lots of fun, a new approach to learning in a much more relaxed and free-spirited way which ends up being surprisingly efficient and some of my best memories in high school.”

marie-clemence Perrin S.I. Sainte-Anne

Marie-Clémence Perrin

117 142 Sainte Anne Brest

“The international section helped me a lot, thanks to its level. First, it helped me to integrate the school without passing any competition, because they were looking for OIB students. Second, for our exams, we need to write an essay, and after 3 years in the international section with Shakespeare (amongst others) you will find this very easy. If you want to integrate a business school, the international section is very useful.”

Aurélien Courtin - Section internationale Sainte-Anne

Aurélien Courtin

62 62 Sainte Anne Brest

“The OIB gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of British culture, and to better apprehend the international world.

Now that the world is connected, whatever job you are doing, you will read, listen to, and speak in English. During these times you thank the heavens for this choice you made when you were young: subscription to the international section !”