The International Section, Sainte Anne’s College & Lycée, Brest

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The International Section, Sainte Anne’s College & Lycée, Brest

Since 2009 we have welcomed over 800 students to the International Section of St Anne’s where they have experienced our unique blend of British and French curricula. For six hours a week students are immersed into an anglophone environment. Our overall aim is to instil a love of English language, literature and culture in all our students, which will then accompany them throughout their education and on into later life.

Our classes are designed to be fun! We cover a whole range of English literature from Shakespeare to modern day poetry, children’s classical short stories to current popular plays. Our lessons are adapted to suit the interests and needs of each class and we use many different teaching methods including theatre work, singing, radio recordings, film production, story writing, art and computing. We encourage our students to reveal their individual originality, their creative abilities and enthusiasm whilst developing their English language skills.

Each week students enjoy an hour of history, an hour of geography and four hours of English literature in addition to the normal curriculum.

College students receive an OIB mention on their Brevet, and for Lyceens the OIB qualification is an internationally recognised qualification.  It is   “an integrated Franco-British school-leaving certificate. It combines the breadth and rigour of the French Baccalaureate with extra subjects taught and examined in English to A Level standard, in a single certificate.  It is jointly certified by University of Cambridge International Examinations and the French Ministry of Education.  It provides students with a university entrance qualification valid in both France and Britain.  It makes academic and linguistic demands to an equal level in English and French.”