Reading Buddies

150 150 Sainte Anne Brest
We have in place a “Reading Buddies” system, each lunchtime students from the Premiere and Terminal classes spend 15 – 20 minutes reading with younger students from the 6eme and 5eme classes.

The idea is simply to encourage the younger students in reading aloud in English.  Where possible we match students from within the Houses so everyone gets to know one another and the older students are enjoying re-reading some of the books they studied six years ago!  It also adds an extra curricular dimension to the Terminale’s dossiers.

“My Reading Buddy is great fun, she helps me with my pronunciation and I have found I have more confidence reading aloud in class,” said 5eme student, Romane.

“It’s great to help out,” commented Amelie, from Terminal.  “I remember what it was like when I had to read aloud in class all those years ago.  It’s fun helping out and mixing with the younger students, and I’ve been able to include the experience on my university application.”